Licensing terms for font software and warranty

Guarantee of this license
with the acceptance of the present Treaty Font Boutique grants you a non-exclusive license for the use of the font software, if you agree to the following conditions:

Retention of ownership
The font software supplied by Font Boutique remains up to the complete payment of the purchase price the property by Font Boutique.

This font software is copyright protected. This font software and all copies are and remain mental property of the manufacturer.

Right to use
With the payment of the complete purchase price, you receive the right to use the font software provided by Font Boutique. You may only install the font software on the number of computers that Font Boutique has granted you with the purchase. The calculation serves you as voucher. You may give a copy of this font software to your service bureau (e.g. printing), provided they do not use the font software for any purpose other than your order. Any changes or modifications of the font software are only permitted to the licensee. The licensee may not pass the modified font software to a third party. Needs a third party to work with the font software modified by the licensee, the third party must have a license for the original or acquire one.

Electronic publishing
The font software can be used within electronic documents with the following restrictions: Font Boutique font software can be embedded into electronic documents, e.g. a PDF file manufactured with Adobe Acrobat™. If other software is used it is necessary to guarantee that the font software is not made accessible to other users. The transformation in a GIF or a JPEG format is permitted.

License assignment
This font software can be sold to third, as long as no backup copies of the original buyer are kept on the computer or another storage medium of the original buyer.

Limited guarantee, liability
Font Boutique guarantees for the period of 90 (ninety) days (starting from the date of purchase) that there are no manufacuring faults in the font software provided by Font Boutique. Font Boutique is liable for the forwarding of a faultless product or with the repayment of the purchase price, the right to chose lies with Font Boutique. Font Boutique does not grant further warranties than the liability of an faultless product. This applies to all cases of use, e.g. the font software became unusable. There can not be made a claim for damages, e.g. loss of production, operation or production downtimes, increased consumption of material and other indirect damage, unless such damage was caused by Font Boutique deliberately or negligently.

Font Boutique reserves all rights to itself, which are not expressly granted by the present Treaty. If parts of this agreement should be ineffective, does that not affect the effectiveness of the remaining parts of this agreement. The present Treaty is subject to German law. Place of delivery and legal domicile are Koethen in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

Adobe Acrobat™ is registered trade mark of Adobe of system Incorporated.

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